Classic Revival has been a prominent figure in the Kit Car, Performance Vehicle, and Restoration industries over the last 30 years. Working on many different types of vehicles from classic restorations to vintage race cars and high end one-off designs, Classic Revival is most notably renowned/become an industry leader for our high quality CR427 Kobra.

Here at Classic Revival we have a dedicated team of engineers with a combined experience of 60+ years stemming from the Replica, Restoration, and Aircraft industries. We apply a very scientific approach to all of our designs combined with our Tech Drawing and CAD systems to ensure quality and safety is delivered to our customers. To learn more about the work carried out here at CR jump on over to our Facebook page to see our various ongoing projects.

“Classic Cars, Replicas, and Performance Engineering has always been a passion of mine. I got into this business because I love what I do, to help my clients turn their dream into a reality is one of the best feelings in the world. I still get excited each time somebody brings us a new project or a challenge. To be able to design and create something new like a chassis or suspension, or even to recreate the beautiful curves of a classic; that’s my dream, and I am lucky enough to get to live it everyday. At Classic Revival, we intend to expand our range of high performance vehicles, replicas and designs.”

“There is another area very close to my heart that I hope Classic Revival can one day play a prominent role in; becoming a beacon of hope for disadvantaged children and young adults with learning disabilities. I made a decision when I was 15 that I would restore Classic Cars and design replicas for a living, my all time favourite car being the AC Cobra. Little did I realise that years later I would work for Classic Revival building replica Cobras and then end up owning it. So I like to think that Classic Revival could one day help other people realise their full potential and that a little bit of hard work mixed with determination can get them their dreams”.