In the early 60’s Carroll Shelby created his legendary vehicle; the AC Shelby Cobra. At Classic Revival we are continuing the tradition. The CR427 SC Kobra is a hand build vehicle manufactured in Sydney, Australia. It is a vehicle that represents more than even a legend, the CR427 SC Kobra makes a statement. A statement of what the owner represents in life, of what they stand for. It was not just the performance, or the classic shape that made the original vehicle so desirable. It was what it stood for, what it represented.

The owner of a 427 was an individual who had “made it” and was quite capable of handling what the CR427 represented Power. It is this statement which is duplicated in the CR427 SC Kobra. The curving lines of the voluptuous original shape, huge alloy wheels, robust chassis, sure footed handling and powerful V8 engine are all faithfully reproduced here today in the CR427 SC Kobra. At Classic Revival we operate a policy of QUALITY not quantity. This is why our vehicles are produced in limited numbers.

We can produce the vehicle for you complete, to your own specifications, ready to drive away. Alternatively, you can choose from a range of self assembly options. For customers who choose to assemble their own Kobra, complete technical, assembly and service information is provided.