The CR 427 SC Kobra is an exact replica of the original 427 SC body. It is dimensionally accurate. It has the additional lip on the rear guards and the wider front flare to accommodate wider tyres. It also has the bonnet scoop. These (together with a different dashboard) were the four differences between the SC and the roadster versions of the originals.

Assembly of the various components of the body shell. This is carried out on the chassis to ensure alignment.

Body and chassis unit (base unit) ready for delivery to the customer.  Note how far the bonnet and doors open.

The Kobra 427 SC

Chassis was designed from the ground up to handle the power that most owners expect. The original Cobra’s narrow ladder frame was not torsionally stiff enough to handle the power.

So we changed the chassis – for the better.

We have designed the chassis in round section tubes as per the original vehicle. However, the main rails are on wider centres (680mm) than the originals which greatly increases the torsional strength – the torsional strength of a structure is proportional to the square of the distance between the tubes, (This is one of Newton’s laws of physics, a law extremely important to the development of any chassis, especially one intended for performance).

We have also incorporated a substantial X brace between the two main tubes to further increase the torsional strength of the chassis.

The chassis, suspension and all of it’s components have been computer (CAD) designed to maximise the vehicles strength and handling, and to minimise it’s weight.

As you can see, we use round section (100 dia) steel for the main rails. As well as giving the chassis a more authentic appearance, it substantially adds to it’s torsional strength. What can not be seen is the material itself.

We use high tensile steel for all the components in the chassis, this increases it’s strength even further and allows us to use thinner sections – the result is a chassis that is both stronger and lighter. The tube used has a tensile strength of 690MPa, square tube has a typical tensile strength of 350MPa.

We also have duplicated the original cars front cross brace for visual authenticity & to further improve the torsional rigidity of the vehicle.

A tubular and pressed steel sub-structure is welded directly to the main rails and extends completely around the passenger compartment. This structure provides not only the mounting areas for the body structure, door hinges, latches and dashboard, but also incorporates side impact protection.

Manufacturing a vehicle with this degree of integration takes a little longer, but you achieve a much stiffer overall structure. This is the reason why our vehicles handle so well.

Our suspension pick up points feed loads directly into the chassis, minimising bending moments.
Large reinforcements are designed in. The chassis allows the suspension to take full advantage of today’s advanced tyre technology.

Our optional roll bar is actually functional, bolting directly to mounts on the chassis.

A Little Crash Protection

Our chassis has three stages of impact dissipation.

The bumpers will collapse progressively.

When the front bumpers are hit hard enough, the chassis is designed to have controlled shear on the mounting brackets.

The extensions in the front of the chassis that carry the bumpers and radiator are designed to distort progressively up and back under severe impact. The rear extensions that carry the bumpers and fuel tank, are designed to distort progressively forward and downwards.

This means that if the vehicle were to be involved in an accident, it is easier to repair because the main chassis does not suffer distortion.

This has been proven several times with altercations with concrete barriers at race tracks!

Front Suspension

The Kobra uses independent front suspension in a non-parallel, unequal length configuration. The correct camber change and anti- dive have been designed into the geometry. Because we started with a clean design slate, we were able to avoid the problems associated with using a donor vehicle’s geometry. In other words, it’s correct for the vehicle, not a compromise.

The tubular arms have been designed to minimise weight & hence reduce the unsprung weight of the vehicle – the lower the unsprung weight, the better the handling.

Camber and castor changes can be performed quickly and easily if the vehicle is to be used for both circuit & road. You can achieve up to 5 deg negative camber!

Because we have designed the suspension around “production” parts, a huge range of brake options are available.

We have allowed more than 150mm of wheel travel.

You will never use the bump stops on this car!

Rear Suspension

The Kobra uses independent rear suspension – upper and lower lateral links, twin trailing links, toe link.  The correct camber change and anti-squat have been designed into the geometry. Like the front it is correct for the vehicle. The roll centre has been designed to optimise the vehicle’s handling.

Again, as per the front we have designed it to use “production” components.

In this case the GMH VE Commodore unit (made by ZF).

Drive Train

Due to the regulations, a current series engine with, all it’s associated pollution equipment, must be used. The 6.0ltr all alloy V8 is the best option.

Our chassis will accept the following transmissions without modifications:

  • BTR T-5
  • BTR T –56
  • Tremec 5 and 6 speeds


Our standard brakes at the front are based on the the GMH components – 296 x 28 vented rotors with PBR

Optional: 330 x 28 rotors and four piston AP Racing callipers. Requires 17″ wheels.

Many other options are available. At the rear, the standard GMH rotors (324 x 22) and two piston callipers. Again larger brakes are an option.

Hydraulics: twin master cylinders with a balance bar – just like the original!

The Options

If you are not mechanically inclined or are short of time, we can do the labour or supply anything to help make your assembly job easier. We will also make every attempt to accommodate special requests.

Many people choose to have us create a “roller” for them. We will install the suspension, steering and breaking systems into a body/chassis unit at the factory. We also have a painter who does near-show quality jobs at a reasonable price – and on time! If you visit, you’ll see the excellent job he does.

We keep in close contact with all our customers, and any problems are quickly resolved.

Good service is inseparable from a quality product.

We know that a satisfied customer is our best salesperson. Although others may be initially cheaper to buy, they are not necessarily cheaper to build. All Cobra replica’s need the same basic parts to assemble. If they don’t come with the kit you still have to purchase or fabricate them later. No other Cobra replica offers the bottom line value of a Classic Revival. When you consider the high resale value of our products, the CR 427 SC becomes a great buy.