Classic Revival produces a very high quality replica;

The “CR-427 Kobra” – A replica of the original AC427 Cobra SC, produced between 1963 and 1966.

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Our range of in-house services to assist in your project include:

  • Building of our Cobra kits, and others ( any brand ), and other kit vehicles to any stage
    of completion
  • Parts for Cobras
  • ​Chassis restoration, repair, design (C.A.D), and manufacturing
  • Full body repair & making services (we can work with Steel, Aluminium, Fibreglass)
  • ​Tech Drawing & C.A.D design systems
  • Building of street rods and street machines
  • Restoration of classic and vintage vehicles
  • Custom fabrication (tanks, cowls, roll hoops & cages etc from steel, stainless, aluminium – all on C.A.D.)

Our range of outsourced services, to assist with your project include:​

  • Custom a standard paint
  • Full trimming for your vehicle
  • ​Engineering for ICV’s & Hot Rods
  • ​Chassis/Suspension Tuning
  • ​Laser cutting
  • Tube forming
  • ​Chroming, Anodizing, and Polishing
  • ​Moulding repairs