“I just wanted to thank you for your diligence with getting the car right, the quality and accuracy of your work and the determination to get it right for me… and that I really appreciate it.. It’s not often, in fact never, do I walk away from something I paid good money for being totally satisfied with what I have received back. The car that Harry first built and that I once bought has/was butchered all over the place, and is slowly coming back to me thanks to you.”


“Dan’s commitment to producing high quality work is something special. His youthful appearance may make you think he would battle with the complexities of restoring and building bespoke sports cars. Not so. He is a craftsman in every sense of the word, constantly solving difficult design problems and producing excellent work. I wouldn’t trust my Cobra with many people, but with Dan it is a no-brainer!”


“Dan and the team at Classic Revival do great work. He has painstakingly restored the chassis & body of my 1963 Spitfire, treating with the care and attention that he would put into his own vehicles. Highly recommended if you’re looking for quality restoration work with high attention to detail!”


“Love my Classic Revival Kobra and the great support and friendship from Dan the business owner and manufacturer.
Dan has a professional and personal interest in the kit builders succeeding and actively includes his existing customers in the ongoing development of a great product.”


“Daniel and his team are incredibly talented and skillful.
If you are after quality workmanship, give them a call.”

David P

“Dan and the team are wonderful restorers and skilled metal craftsmen bringing back to life a 50 year old shell.”


“Classic Revival are very good to deal with.Dan will help in any way he can.to assist you in your build.”


“Its great to have Dan continually developing and asking for feedback from existing CR owners/builders to further improve what is already a great package. I’ve had mine 10 years now and it always draws a crowd or gets a thumbs up when driving around.”